Meet the Team


“I have always had a passion for empowering people. ¬†Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to support countless people linking them with jobs, training & personal development to better their lives. ¬†There is a solution for almost anything but having a helping hand is sometimes all that we need… it is my mission to keep offering that support.”

Kirsten created Link Services Group in response to the desperate need of recruitment support in the Disability Sector with the rollout of the NDIS. Being one of the founding members of the Workability & is a co-founder of the Jobs Roadshow concept, Kirsten has had the opportunity to work with numerous organisations to support on-boarding, training and support of job seekers.

With an in depth understanding of government subsidies and funding, Kirsten is able to provide organisations opportunities to financial incentives while simultaneously finding the perfect employee to meet their requirements.

With years of experience in working with training organisations and management, Kirsten discovered her passion for empowering people reach their full potential and get past hurdles through a range of training options and support.